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Margaret Berry is originally from Connecticut, and moved to Charleston eleven years ago. She has been painting for sixteen years. Over time, she was fortunate to have studied under many talented artists. Besides focusing on her own work, she has also been teaching painting for the past four years.

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As a native of South Carolina, I returned to South Carolina after living in Germany, Maryland, and Kansas while in the military. Today, I live in Mount Pleasant. I recently retired from the Medical University of South Carolina Medical Center. My artwork consists of landscapes, usually scenes depicting the surrounding area in the lowcountry. 

"After painting with watercolors for a number of years, I recently started working with soft pastels. With soft pastels, I feel that I have truly found my medium. I enjoy the way I can capture the impact of the moment in a landscape by directly applying the pigment with my fingers".

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“To be able to do art for a living is a blessing. But even more of a blessing is seeing the happiness in my client’s eyes.”

I remember loving art since my first set of crayons. I would get in trouble for sketching on the walls, but I simply couldn’t help myself. I have always felt this urge to paint, to express my emotions and ideas through art. I never really considered art as a career, so I went to Advertising School. Circumstances resulted in my moving to New York where I dropped my career as an Art Director and went back to school at the Art Students League. I was young and believed I would conquer the world! I won awards and got to show in some fancy galleries until circumstances changed again and I ended up back in Brazil, dropping everything and dedicating four years to being a full-time volunteer at a Buddhist temple.

From a presumptuous kid to a humble servant and then back into the world. So much has happened in my life, and I regret nothing. It all brought me here. I still carry the passion for making great art, but instead of focusing on art that may eventually become important in history, I have decided to dedicate my time into making art to bring JOY to people. You can find a more extended bio with a list of exhibitions on this link:

If you have any questions, just let me know! 

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Marie-Louise Moreto, president of the Mount Pleasant Community Arts Center and a past president of the Mount Pleasant Artists Guild, is a collage/mixed media artist. She is a retired lighting designer, makeup artist and fashion/image consultant with a background in theatre and television. She studied collage with Gertrude Simon, Vera Tracy, and Annie Morgan and painting with Carole Barnes. Masques are point of her art. She uses color as a way to communicate and tell a story.

“Contrasting and layering color intensities, texturing and deconstructed shapes allows me to create the illusion of uid movement of colors”.

Her work has been reviewed in New York art journals. She can be reached via email at

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Alex Radin was born in 1975 in NY on Long Island and has always enjoyed the act of creating. Alex received his BFA from the Columbus College of Art and Design in Columbus, Ohio and relocated to the Charleston area in 2001 after meeting his wife, Sara, in Chicago at an arts conference the previous year. They began a life together in South Carolina, pursuing their creative passions, collaborating together, and dreaming. In 2008, they launched an arts organization called Artist on Fire with a desire to see more opportunities for artists to fully express themselves and be a voice of positivity and transformation through the arts.

Together, they have curated a number of shows, most notably four exhibits for the Piccolo Spoleto Arts Festival that incorporated as many as fourteen visual artists working in lm, mixed media, painting, photography, sculpture and installation art along with over twenty- ve musicians and dancers. Alex has been

a part of both solo and group exhibitions in Ohio, South Carolina, North Carolina, Illinois, New York and Texas and has traveled nationally, guest lecturing at schools, conferences, and encouraging and training artists.

Sara and Alex live in Summerville with their four children. 

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Elianna (Ellie) Radin, the 13-year-old daughter of Alex and Sara Radin, has been interested in creating art ever since she can remember. Being surrounded by art and art experiences has given her opportunities to grow a love for the arts as well as to grow in her own technical abilities. She participated in her first art show (at the age of 4) with her father, Alex, in 2008 called “Through

the Eyes of a Child,” in which her crayon and colored pencil drawings were the inspiration for 100 oil paintings by him.

She debuted her paintings with a series called “Shining” at Artist on Fire’s 2012 Piccolo Spoleto show “Night and Day: The Sun Always Rises” and has continued painting since then, showcasing her new series “Undiscovered Wonders” in Artist On Fire’s 2013 Piccolo Spoleto show “Sweet!” These paintings were also featured as part of a group show at the Wilkes Art Gallery in North Wilkesboro, NC in 2014.

Besides painting, Ellie also enjoys singing, writing songs, playing guitar, softball, and gymnastics. To view more of her paintings, visit her website at 

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“My paintings reflect the personality of all of us. The colors are unusual mixtures of paint. The images are drawings taken from real life, mostly people from Charleston.”

Betty Thalheimer, born in Savannah, Georgia, went to the University of Georgia, moved to New York City, went to the School of Visual Arts, the Art Student League, and the New York School of Interior Design. She lived in Manhattan most of her life until moving to Charleston nine years ago. Her paintings have been displayed in the windows of Saks Fifth Avenue. Her Manhattan works are owned by private collectors and several businesses. 

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