Let your story inspire others.

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Ms. Edmonds had difficulty driving and reading due her vision loss. She was eager to regain her independence and go back to work. Ms. Edmonds expressed so much gratitude from the very beginning and we are so thrilled to have patients like her!

Ms. Debbie Edmonds


Meet Mrs. Angela Rogers, one of our most recent Operation Sight patients. She and her husband were so incredibly sweet and thankful! They told us that, "God steered them directly to Operation Sight". She had significant vision loss of her left eye, telling us that she had trouble seeing her grandchild. Her quality of life has drastically improved and she is pleased with the results!

Mrs. Angela Rogers

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 “I can now see dust in my house (which has me cleaning like crazy!). I can also see my grandbaby’s face – it is incredible how much she has grown. I thank the good Lord and Operation Sight every day".

Operation Sight Patient


"My father had surgery today and I couldn't thank Operation Sight enough!! Thank you SO much for helping him. It has been a journey, but he's on the road to being able to see clearly again. This means he will be able to see my two year old son, his grandson, grow up. THANK YOU!"

Operation Sight Patient

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“I relied on friends and family to drive me to the grocery store and help pay my bills. It was so embarrassing...I became depressed. I had lost my job due to my cataracts and eventually couldn’t even see the numbers on the phone to make a call. It was a terrible time in my life. Now, I am back at work and functioning like a normal person again!”

Colleton County Resident